Palaweño corporate pilot Capt. Al Reuben Goh

Corporate flying provides a unique opportunity for pilots who love to fly. Captain Al Reuben “Alboy” Goh, a corporate pilot for General Aviation, can attest to the exciting opportunities and challenges that come with this career.

Goh flies the Quest Kodiak, a 10-seat STOL single-engine turboprop aircraft, over the west frontier for charter missions in Palawan, Philippines. As a corporate pilot, he enjoys the fantastic office view and the great pay that comes with his job.

“I really love flying, compensation is just a bonus that comes with it,” Goh said.

While the schedule can be unpredictable, Goh acknowledges that corporate flying offers the chance to travel to new and exciting destinations that he has never seen before. Pilots on corporate flights spend time on the ground while there, giving them an excellent opportunity to explore new places.

File photo of Capt. Al Reuben Goh’s flight to Pag-asa Island, Kalayaan municipality, in the West Philippine Sea, taken in June 2022.

Corporate pilot jobs are not usually listed on job boards, so networking is often required to find openings. Some corporate flight departments are known to be great to work for, while others may demand pilots to fly at all hours in all kinds of weather, whether they are tired or not. However, Goh believes that if pilots love what they do, they will never get tired of working.

“If you love flying so much, working is easy. If you know what you’re doing, there’s very, very little chance of emergency, and even if there’s an emergency, there are protocols and procedures to follow, you just need to do them right,” Goh added.

Pinoy Aviators, a social media page dedicated to the achievements of pilots in Philippine Military, General and Commercial Aviation, recently published an article about corporate flying that featured a photo of Goh.

For Goh, corporate flying provides an exceptional career path for pilots who desire to explore the world while earning a good living. He believes that with its thrilling opportunities and challenges, it can be an extremely satisfying profession for pilots who have a passion for flying.

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