Palawan is set to once again host the second season of the popular Dutch TV show, Million Dollar Island,  highlighting the island province’s growing popularity among Dutch and Belgian audiences.

“The second season of Million Dollar Island showcases the captivating beauty and allure of Palawan, not only to those who experience it firsthand through the series but also to viewers across Europe,” J. Eduardo Malaya, the Philippine Ambassador to The Netherlands, said.

“This thrilling survival series presents Palawan as a stunning destination, captivating the hearts and imaginations of its audience.”

“The flight is breathtaking, what a beautiful nature and ocean below us. We look our eyes out… Welcome to Palawan, an area with the most beautiful reefs, especially known by divers,” said Dutch participant Melanie Rijkers, from Million Dollar Island Season 1,  

Million Dollar Island, known for its enthralling survival concept, is a Dutch TV series that challenges the wit and abilities of 50 Dutch and 50 Belgian participants. 

Filmed on the same island during its first season, the show requires contestants to endure a series of challenges on Palawan for a remarkable 60 days. 

The ultimate victor will walk away with a staggering one million euros, equivalent to over P55 million.

Palawan’s enchanting landscapes have been a favorite choice for international productions. Apart from Million Dollar Island, the island has been featured in hit movies like Bourne Legacy, Crazy Rich Asians, and Expedition Robinson—a Swedish reality game show.

Prior to the pandemic, the DFA reported a total of 41,313 visits from Dutch tourists in 2019, with 30% of them being repeat visitors.

Its breathtaking sceneries, pristine beaches, and the warm hospitality of its people have made Palawan one of the favored destination among tourists from The Netherlands.

Million Dollar Island’s second season is currently running and airs on the SBS6 channel in the Netherlands every Sunday. For those interested, the series can also be streamed on Prime Video, allowing a wider audience to immerse themselves in the captivating beauty of Palawan.