Palawan will get 700 new teachers starting August this year, according to the Department of Education- Palawan.


DepEd assistant schools division Supt. Roseline Vicente said that newly hired teachers came from the 1,800 that applied for teaching positions.


Of the total number, 408 will be deployed in elementary and 276 in high school.


“Most of those who applied were fresh graduates and lack experience and training compared to those who graduated earlier,” Vicente said.


She pointed out that “a big advantage is experience and training of the applicants.”


Vicente denied the issue that some applicants were admitted because they have relatives inside the DepEd.


“That’s not true. Even if they have a ‘backer’ if they have don’t qualify your scores will be low, “she said.


Vicente admitted the newly hired is still small compared to the number of students in the province.


“What is important is that we have new teachers,” she said.

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