Palawan, especially the Kalayaan group of islands, has a high chance of cloudy and rainy weather for the rest of the week.

PAGASA weather specialist Daniel James Villamil reported Monday that the southwest monsoon will bring a high chance of clouds, along with scattered rain showers and thunderstorms, to the western part of Palawan within the next 24 hours.

The rest of Southern Luzon is currently experiencing darker skies due to the southwest monsoon, but Palawan will maintain an average temperature of 30–25 degrees Celsius.

Furthermore, Puerto Princesa City and the rest of Palawan, including the island municipalities of Coron and Cuyo, will experience winds of 20–30 kph moving southwest to south.

Additional reports from DOST-PAGASA for Southern Luzon indicate that this slight wind will result in slight to moderate waves in coastal waters throughout the rest of the week in Palawan.

Wave heights in this area are expected to consistently range from 0.8 meters up to 1.3 meters from Monday, August 21, to Friday, August 25.

However, the westernmost part of Palawan is expected to face stronger winds. The Kalayaan group of Islands will experience winds with speeds of 30–50 kph blowing southwest, resulting in moderate to rough coastal waters with wave heights ranging from 1.3–3.3 meters throughout the week.

Despite the general weather for the island being cloudy with scattered rain showers and offshore localized thunderstorms, Villamil reported that there were no gale warnings for any bays or coastal areas in the Philippines.

Fishermen and small fishing boats may venture out into coastal waters but are advised to watch out for offshore winds from the scattered thunderstorms that could cause stronger winds than necessary.