The first phase of the PCAP All Filipino ended Wednesday, fraught with power outages that shortened the normally two-hour long live feed. Palawan’s Queen Gambit was unlucky in Rounds 10 and 11. One or two boards could have spelled the difference in its Round Ten 9.5-11.5 setback against Toledo and the Round 11 9.5-11.5 defeat at the hands of Cebu.

Palawan has one win against 10 losses.  The top three boards have done their best to score, but the bottom boards need some work if Palawan will be in stronger form when the second phase of the tournament starts on Saturday. This features the 12 Southern Conference teams facing their Northern Conference counterparts over 11 rounds.

Marie Antoinette San Diego is manning the fort on Board Three, which means she faces women. After 11 rounds, she has only lost two games. One of the country’s best women chessers, she has a solid style but could easily go over to the attack as this blitz game shows.

Featured game: San Diego v. Mangubat (1-0)

Marie Antoinette San Diego-Marphine Mangubat, Rd 11, rapid: 1 d4 g6 2 Nf3 Bg7 3 Bf4 Nf6 4 Nc3

O-O 5 Qd2 d5 6 Bh6 a6 7 h4 Bf5 8 h5 Bxh6 9 Qxh6 Bxc2 10 hxg6 Bxg6 11 Ne5 Nbd7 12 f4 Nxe5 (As White’s attack has yet to gather steam, Black should strike in the center with ..c5. As it is, Black comes under heavy pressure)  13 fxe5 Ng4 14 Qg5 Qd7 15 Rh4 h5 16 e3 Kg7 17 Bd3 Qe6 18 Ke2 f6 ( Loses immediately but it is always difficult to defend in a blitz game. The aggressive player has a plus in these 3 mins with two seconds increment games) 19 Qxg6+ Kh8 20 Qh7 mate


Board position after 18. Ke2  f6




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