(Photo by PG-ENRO via Palawan Provincial Information Office)

Representatives from the Provincial Government-Environment and Natural Resources Office (PG-ENRO) carried out inspections and held information dissemination sessions at various offices of the provincial government near the capitol complex on April 19.

PG-ENRO said the activities were focused on enhancing waste management practices and enforcing the strict ban on single-use plastics.

This aligns with Executive Order No. 78, Series of 2022, titled “An Executive Order Prohibiting the Use of Single-Use Plastics within the Premises of the Provincial Government of Palawan, and Further Strengthening the Policies and Regulations on Single-use Plastics in the Province of Palawan.”

The order bans the use of plastic items, such as shopping bags, plastic stirrers, roll bags, straws, cups, utensils, and styrofoam within the premises of the provincial government.

As part of the initiative, each office is required to have four labeled bins to segregate waste into biodegradable, residual, recyclable, and special waste categories. This waste segregation mandate is part of a broader effort to enhance environmental sustainability within the governmental facilities.

The scope of the executive order extends to all employees of the Provincial Government and other agencies within the facility, including hospitals in various municipalities managed by the Provincial Government, Resource Assistance Centers (RAC), and others. The order also covers clients visiting various offices, as well as food vendors, caterers, and suppliers at the capitol.

The move is part of the provincial government’s ongoing commitment to environmental protection and sustainable practices, aimed at reducing the ecological footprint of its operations and promoting a greener Palawan.