The Palawan provincial government successfully completed the construction of six permanent bridges that had begun in 2022 under the leadership of Governor Dennis Socrates and the Provincial Engineering Office (PEO).

Atty. Christian Jay Cojamco, the information officer of the province, said Wednesday that four of these recently completed bridges are hanging bridges, strategically positioned in New Agutaya and Alimanguan within the San Vicente municipality, as well as in Sowangan in Quezon and Canipaan in Rizal town.

The cumulative budget dedicated to these endeavors reached a total of P18,945,129.59.

Cojamco added that two reinforced concrete deck girder (RCDG) bridges were built in New Guinlo in the town of Taytay, and Bagong Bayan in El Nido, with a combined project cost of P37,470,798.93.

“These infrastructure projects are part of the ongoing efforts of the provincial government leadership to provide Palaweños and tourists with safe and efficient bridges for travel,” Cojamco said.

Moreover, these bridges are instrumental in aiding local farmers in transporting agricultural products to markets efficiently.

He said Governor Socrates is satisfied with the successful completion of these projects, highlighting the significance of improved infrastructure in enhancing the quality of life for Palawan residents and facilitating economic activities on the island.

The new bridges not only ensure safety for travelers, Cojamco said, but also promotes economic development in various communities throughout Palawan.

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