The Police Provincial Office (PPPO) said the celebration of Semana Santa was generally peaceful in the entire province of Palawan despite some minor incidents.

In a statement released by the PPO through spokesperson P/Maj. Ric Ramos on Monday, said provincial director P/Col. Adonis Guzman personally inspected the security situation in key areas where personnel of the PNP were fully deployed to ensure the safety of the general public.

A total of 26 police assistance desks (PAD) were deployed to assist parishioners during their Visita Iglesia, and the influx of tourists in different areas in the province.

Twelve incidents were recorded from April 11-17, all of which were closely monitored with immediate police interventions.

PPPO also applied maximum police presence and other pro-active measures were ensured to maintain peace and order, spokesperson P/Capt. Ric Ramos said.

He added that with the province opening its borders to travelers, the challenges they faced included the influx of tourists and the strict adherence of the general public to the new normal.

“It was a constant reminder to us all, and still a peaceful experience during the Holy Week after full deployment of personnel,” Ramos said.