Palawan News: Two years of upholding responsible journalism in Palawan

Two years ago, when Palawan News was first conceptualized, we were uncertain on where the path will lead us. Anyone familiar with the local publication industry, especially in Palawan, knows the struggle of keeping a paper afloat. There were many a time when we wanted to quit, to fold the paper, leave and do something that will bring more food to the table. Yet, every time we thought of quitting, we are reminded of our vision to empower the community through responsible journalism. A media that provides truthful and balance reporting.


So, strapping ourselves with sheer determination and our passion for journalism, we shrug off the uncertainty and cling to our faith. “Bahala ka na Lord,”we said.


When we started printing the papers and the website went live, we took the leap, so to speak, and plunge headlong into this journey. Two years later, our hearts are full of gratitude to the Almighty for His overflowing blessings to the paper.


Palawan News is now officially running for two years. In the grand history of journalism, this is admittedly a small feat, but a feat nonetheless. At its best, this a promise of more that is to come. After all, as the saying goes, the initial steps are always the hardest, and as we gain more grounding, we are looking forward to a sustained momentum in delivering quality, timely, and non-partisan news to every Palaweño.


Little can be foreseen on what’s in store for our publication, but Palawan News can promise that we will continue writing stories that will deliver the truth, and uphold meaningful conversations in the province.


On our 2nd anniversary, Palawan News gives thanks to all our readers. You are the very reason for our paper’s existence, and we promise to continue delivering what you deserve. Thank you all.

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