Palawan congressmen former governor Jose Chaves Alvarez and former Puerto Princesa mayor Edward Hagedorn take the spotlight during the Executive Course on Legislation held by the House of Representatives by being their usual selves.

In a Facebook post Friday, July 22, 2nd District Rep. Alvarez shared a picture of himself in a still empty hall with a caption “Early bird as always 😊 Executive Course on Legislation for the Members of the 19th Congress.”

This post, as of this writing, has since earned 583 reacts and 59 comments.

Facebook user Gerald Pati Liggayu commented “Boy Scout ⚜️ Sir, as always.”

While another user under the handle Ji Ro posted “Baka from Palawan yarn (yan). Great job, as always, Cong. Alvarez ❤” lauding the neophyte lawmaker.

Meanwhile, 1st District Rep. Hagedorn, in an exclusive interview with the Palawan News, shared a funny anecdote about his own batch of newbie legislators.

“Everyone was so serious during the learning session so I thought I should break the ice,” Hagedorn said.

“During the discussion on the Legislative Process, I asked our resource speaker, Civil Service Commissioner Karlo Nograles: “Ser, ano po ba ang difference ng First Reading sa Congress sa First Reading sa simbahan?’ It took a long pause, kumbaga nag loading sila, before the whole class burst into laughter,” he recalled.

Despite this sidelights, both of them noted that the course was a learning experience on their new task as lawmakers.

The House of Representatives official website has even quoted Cong. Alvarez in his reflection shared during the session, saying what they have learned in the seminar would help them in passing bills on the national economy.

The Executive Course on Legislation is a mandatory training for newbie members of the House of Representatives on topics of public policy, legislative process, budget process, citizen and media engagement, the works of the legislative committees, and parliamentary rules and procedures.