Board member Ryan Maminta. Image from Junta Barita.


An approved resolution at the Palawan provincial board is seeking the creation of energy committees in all municipal governments that will focus on implementing programs and resolving issues related to power.

Board member Ryan Maminta, author of the approved resolution on this, said that the municipalities’ creation of their own energy committee will ensure that the power needs of the people can be met.

He said local government units (LGUs) must formulate their plans for efficient and economical use of energy supply within their jurisdiction.

Maminta said that stable electricity supply remains to be a major need of all LGUs to enhance their economic development.

“The creation of the committee on energy in each component municipality is necessary to see to it that the power needs of the people are being provided, encourage energy alternatives, stabilize the price of electricity, and address the issues and concerns of their constituents,” Maminta said.

The jurisdiction of the committee should be on all matters related to the exploration, development, utilization, or conservation of energy resources, including the development and utilization of alternative and renewable energy, Maminta said.

The committee will also focus on the matters involved in generation, transmission, distribution, and supply.