Over 30 Palaweños who are seeking employment overseas, particularly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, were served by the Provincial Public Employment Office (PESO) during the three-day Special Recruitment Activity (SRA) held at the capitol from May 8-10, 2023.

The Palawan Provincial Information Office (PIO) said partnering with PESO in the event was the Global Professional Resources Phil. Inc., which offered job opportunities for applicants who aspire to be hired as agricultural workers, nail clippers, nail care specialists, hairdressers, and waiters.

The provincial government of Palawan, under the leadership of Governor Victorino Dennis Socrates, aims to address the job demands of the locals. Through the SRA, legitimate companies that can provide decent work overseas and even within the province are brought to Palawan.

Moreover, the office assured that the applicants understand the importance of going through the PESO application process for jobs overseas to ensure their protection and provide additional support.

This initiative by the government and the private sector aims to boost the economy and provide better opportunities for the locals, the PIO said.