File photo courtesy of Palawan Provincial Information Office.

Governor Jose Alvarez said the province is not only open to the “Balik Probinsya, Bagong Pag-asa” program, but it is also open to “skilled” non-Palaweño individuals and families who wish to help in its development.

Balik Probinsya, a national government initiative to relocate informal settler families in crowded Metro Manila to the provinces to bolster sustainable rural development, is welcome in the province that has many opportunities to offer, he said.

“In fact, we can accommodate maski ‘yong mga hindi taga-Palawan, basta mayroon din silang skill,” Alvarez was quoted in a press release by the Provincial Information Office.

“Napakalapad natin dito. We can accommodate a lot of people in Palawan, basta ang importante lang just give me one guy or a family na mayroong skills,” Governor Alvarez added.

Alvarez said who the province needs are newcomers with skills who are willing to work with the locals for Palawan development.

“Electrician siya, plumber siya, masahista siya, manikurista siya, kusinero siya, basta give me one family that has one skilled worker — kung dalawa better, kung tatlong nagtratrabaho na may separate skills for the betterment of Palawan, welcome yan,” he said.

Alvarez said what matters is that they will become productive members of the communities where they will choose to settle.