The provincial board has approved a resolution supporting the Maritime Industry Authority’ (MARINA) mandate requiring Philippine-registered ships to have their own sewage treatment facility to remove contaminants from their wastewater to avoid further polluting the ocean.

Stipulated under MARINA Circular No. SR 2020-02, resolution author board member David Francis Ponce de Leon said Tuesday at their regular session that the memorandum aims to ensure that all ships have the adequate design of treatment facility and holding tank to control marine pollution and to prevent the disposal of contaminated water.

Ponce de Leon added that the memorandum will only be applicable for ships with 400 gross tonnages and above Philippine-registered ships and those below 400 gross tonnages and certified to carry 15 persons, including crew.

However, passenger and service boats with a travel time of less than three hours with 15 passengers and below, non-propelled barge are exempted from this memorandum.

He said that it is also in accordance with the Annex IV of Maritime Policy (MARPOL) 73/78.

“Through supporting this circular, the mandatory installation of this facility is a big step to prevent sea pollution in the waters of Palawan. This is also to promote proper waste disposal generated by all registered ships,” Ponce de Leon said.

He said that all ships without this facility shall be required to submit their modified plan to the MARINA including the discharge pipeline which will be subjected to approval.


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