Photo courtesy of The Good Life Project

The Provincial Board has expressed support to the proposed bill in the senate legalizing the so-called “habal-habal” or “motorcycle-for-hire”, a measure introduced by Senator Sonny Angara.

Board Member Ryan Maminta and Cherry Pie Acosta said in a joint resolution that the bill aims to legalize and regulate motor taxis or “habal-habal” which is currently prohibited through Republic Act 4136 or the land transportation and traffic code.

Motorcycles are utilized in the province particularly in rural areas.

In recent years, transport network vehicle services or TNVS companies began offering motorcycles-for-hire as an alternative to ride-sharing schemes in urban areas.

“The worsening traffic congestion in main thoroughfares still force commuters to use motorcycle ride-hailing apps as a fast and affordable option to reach the destination even if it is regulated,” Maminta and Acosta said in their approved resolution.

Meanwhile, under the bill, “habal-habal” must pass road tests before being certified.