Victory followed disappointment for the Ventura Palawan Albay Queens last Wednesday.

Another narrow loss by the Queens at the hands of Olongapo was tempered by a rout of Pencheng, a Chinese team. More importantly, in their Facebook page, the Queens rejoiced over the first win of Ludivina Nadera.

Nadera, a 1992 Olympian and the wife of International Master Barlo Nadera, had not played for almost three decades. But Palawan had to fill up a gap in their senior line up as Carmelita Abanes did most of the work in the second conference.

So Nadera steps in for the rapid games to spell Abanes. But the rust has taken time to erase. That is why it was a big thing for Nadera to get going.

The all-women’s team is encountering stormy weather in the PCAP Third Conference but they will fight until the end and be on the ball for missed tries. Nadera’s foe in this match against Olongapo blundered a piece and paid the consequences.

For those asking about standings, the PCAP website is down and should be up on Friday.

L. Nadera-Adriano Valenzuela, English Opening: 1. c4 e6 2. Nc3 d6 3. g3 Nd7 4. Bg2 g6 5. Nf3 Bg7 6. O-O Ne7 7. d3 O-O 8. Bd2 e5 9. Rc1 c6 10. a3 Nf6 11. h3 Be6 12. b4 Nf5 13. b5 c5 14. e4 Nd4 15. Nxd4 exd4 16. Nd5 Qd7 17. Kh2 Nh5 18. f4 f5 19. exf5 gxf5 20. Qxh5 Bxd5 21. Bxd5+ Kh8 22.Rfe1 Rf6 23. Re2 Raf8 24. Rce1 Rh6 25. Qf3 b6 26. Re7 Qd8 27. Bc6 Rhf6 28. Re8

Qc7 29. Qh5 Qf7 30. Qxf7 Rxf7 31. Rxf8+ Rxf8 32. Re8 Rxe8 33. Bxe8 Kg8 34. Bd7

Kf7 35. Bxf5 h6 36. a4 Bf6 37. a5 Bd8 38. axb6 axb6 39. Kg2 Kf6 40. Be4 Be7 41.

Kf3 h5 42. g4 hxg4+ 43. hxg4 Kg7 44. g5 Kf7 45. Kg4 Kg7 46. f5 Bd8 47. Bd5 Bc7

48 . f6+ Kf8 49. Kf5 Bd8 50. g6 Ke8 51. g7 Bxf6 52. g8=Q+ Kd7 53. Kx