(Photo from Presidential Communications Office)

Malacanang has issued an order directing all national government agencies, government-owned or -controlled corporations (GOCCs) and local government units (LGUs) to adopt security-related strategies and programs based on the government’s “Whole of Nation” approach.

Executive Order No. 37 issued Thursday, Aug. 10, orders the agencies involved to adopt NSP 2023-2028 in the formulation and implementation of their security-related strategies and programs.

Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin said Marcos Jr. approved the adoption of the National Security Policy (NSP) 2023-2028 that would be consistent with his vision of a free, united, secure, peaceful, resilient and prosperous Philippines.

“For this purpose, the NSC, through the NSA, shall monitor the implementation of the NSP 2023-2028, and upon consultation with and concurrence of relevant government agencies, GOCCS, and LGUs, shall propose memoranda, circulars and other orders related to the implementation thereof, for the approval of the President,” it stated.

Under the reporting and monitoring section, the NSP 2023-2028 would be tasked to conduct a periodic assessment and submit reports to the President and the National Security Council (NSC) on the implementation of the NSP and to coordinate with various national government agencies and instrumentalities.

The EO 37 underscored the need to harmonize the national security efforts of the government and ensure that these are responsive and complementary to the development goals and objectives set in the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2023 to 2028.