PACE: ‘PNoy is giving lip service to environment’

President Aquino calls on countries to go 100% renewable energy as he chairs the UN Climate Vulnerable Forum. (Photo credit:

A Palawan environment activist called the latest pronouncement of President Benigno Aquino III calling on rich countries to go 100 percent renewable energy as mere “lip service.”

Cynthia Sumagaysay- Del Rosario of the Palawan Alliance for Clean Energy (PACE) told Palawan News that, “The Philippine president who heads Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) is just giving lip service.”


“The resolution is ideal although quite ambitious because whether we like it or not, it will still depend on the richest countries,” Sumagaysay-Del Rosario pointed out.


Aquino, who chairs the CVF at the UN Paris Climate Conference, COP21, led leaders of the world’s most climate fragile states issuing a call for full decarbonisation of the world economy, 100 percent renewable energy by 2050, and zero emissions by 2050 to keep the world on track for below 1.5°C warming and to reduce disaster risk.


“Individually, we are already survivors; collectively, we are a force towards a fairer, more climate-proactive world,” the president said.


The CVF which expanded its membership to 43 countries yesterday, adopted the Manila-Paris Declaration and a three-year Road Map of Activities aimed at enhancing cooperation among the world’s most exposed countries to climate-related disasters.


“In the Philippines, we are getting better at adaptation but we are still very affected when typhoons and storms strike. Economic losses due to disasters amount on average to 2.5 per cent of our GDP but we contribute to less than two per cent of global warming. We are calling for climate justice and more solidarity between countries but we are ready to do our part,” he said.


Del Rosario added that,” It is hard to believe the sincerity of President PNoy in view of the fact that he approved 50 more coal-fired power plants and so far we haven’t heard of any concrete plans to boost the use of renewable energy in the country and implement a zero or even a low carbon future.”


“I am personally hopeful though since there seem to be more involved now in COP 21 and more willingness from everyone to do something,” she said.


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