Around 300 elderly in Barangays Bahile and Tagabinet now enjoy improved vision through the “Pa-salamin ni Marvin” program on February 6 and 7.

Local civic leader Marvin Rodriguez, known for his community-focused initiatives, organized and personally oversaw the distribution, ensuring that each pair of free eyeglasses was tailored to meet the specific needs of the recipients.

The Pa-salamin ni Marvin, with the goal of providing free eyeglasses to senior citizens in all 66 barangays in Puerto Princesa, has already distributed 4,300 eyeglasses across 19 barangays.

Rodriguez stressed that the program not only addresses the immediate visual needs of the elderly but also reflects the well-being of the community.

“We aim to provide assistance to senior citizens by providing free reading glasses. We go to each and every barangay so that our lolo’s and lola’s do not need to spend and travel to the city proper to get reading glasses,” he said.

He also believed that  providing free eyeglasses contributes to enhancing the daily lives of the elderly residents, enabling them to engage more comfortably in their daily activities.

In a previous interview, Rodriguez shared his inspiration for the Pa-salamin ni Marvin program.

“Growing up in Iwahig, I was very close to my lola Celia Rodriguez. She was very kind, compassionate and gentle with everyone. I remember that my lola Celia is having a hard time reading because her eye glasses were broken but she couldn’t replace those immediately given that she was old and Iwahig is far from the city proper. I then told myself that when I grow up I will be the one to go to our lolo and lola and give them reading glasses,” he said.

Aside from the free eyeglasses, he also donates books and other community development projects in Puerto Princesa as part of his personal advocacy.

Recently, he coordinated the donation of 1,280 liters of purified drinking water and 100 kilos of rice for the victims of the Quito fire.