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Kim Taehyung, popularly known as BTS’ V, has earned the title “Idol of Idols” for one good reason, even the stars look up to him.

Among them are members of the Kpop group EMHYPEN.

In separate interviews, ENHYPEN members Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jake, and Jay have revealed that they look up to Taehyung’s talent and looks and that they want to follow in his footsteps and be the idol that he is.

Even other artists from Southeast Asian countries were enamored by Taehyung’s charm. In an interview, Dong Nhi said that V is “an ideal model for a star,” citing V being “handsome, talented, having good dance skills and stage control, and his ability to handle situations with humor and grace.”

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Japanese guitarist Hideaki Kikuchi was quoted to have said that V’s vocals are a “great weapon.”

“V’s voice is a little husky, but it’s like a rich wind instrument. That’s a great weapon. Besides, he’s good at making melodies while breaking the rhythm”. The Japanese musician said in an interview.

Nepalese singer-songwriter Abhaya Subba praised V’s onstage character.

“His artistry on stage is unparalleled in terms of how he uses every part of his body (including his voice) to express his singularity,” she said.

In the Philippines, local celebrities also go gaga over V’s charm. Unkabogable Superstar Vice Ganda posted a photo of V’s merch.

Actress Bea Binene revealed on her Twitter that she has been saving photos of Taehyung on her phone.

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