Ordinance imposes priority lanes for seniors

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Establishments which do not provide priority lanes for senior citizens, persons with disabilities (PWDs) and pregnant women will soon be penalized in Puerto Princesa City.

The City Council on Monday approved an ordinance requiring establishment owners to construct and maintain priority lanes and other facilities for the citizens with special needs.

Violators will be fined P3,000 to P5,000, depending on the degree of offense. The city may also cancel the permits of repeat offenders.  Jimmy Carbonell said it is to reinforce national laws that uphold the rights of these citizens.

“We have observed and we have also received complaints that these establishments are not following national laws protecting the rights of these special citizens. And if there is, they let other people use it,” he told Palawan News.

Carbonell’s ordinance directs establishments to provide at least two or more priority lanes, which are strictly and exclusively for senior citizens, PWDs and pregnant women.

“In cases there is a lower volume of customer, one lane is enough,” he added.

He said the ordinance also mandates establishments to place chairs or benches for those who are waiting the priority lane service.

Carbonell said this will encourage transactions from the mentioned classes of individuals and will contribute to the local economy.

Meanwhile, the City Permits and Licensing Division will conduct monitoring to all establishments before the renewal of mayor’s permit.

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