Supporters and proponents of the One Palawan movement will hold simultaneous commemorative events in the various municipalities on Sunday, March 13, to celebrate the outcome of the 2021 plebiscite that overturned a law dividing Palawan into three separate provinces.

The movement was behind a campaign for the “No” vote during the plebiscite, the outcome of which, effectively scrapped Republic Act 11259.

According to Cynthia Sumagaysay-del Rosario, One Palawan’s most fervent proponents, supporters from seven municipalities have confirmed that they will be holding their respective commemorative events. These towns are Coron, Culion, Agutaya, El Nido, Taytay, Roxas, and Narra. The events will either be a motorcade organized by respective One Palawan representatives or a mass by parish priests who supported the movement.

Sumagaysay said it is important to remember the outcome of the March 13, 2021 plebiscite because it showed how ordinary citizens were able to band together and assert their democratic right, even though some of their political leaders strongly campaigned for Palawan’s division.

“It is good to recall what the Palaweños have accomplished in the plebiscite, given the challenges we encountered in the entire NO campaign. Saying NO when it is easier to say YES, when the dominant message back then was that YES will win no matter what or that it was already a ‘foregone conclusion’ especially that the proponents have the financial and political resources, being victorious at the end, despite the odds, is something that the people of Palawan will remember and cherish for a very long time,” Sumagaysay said in a text message.

“The people of Palawan have proven in the plebiscite that they have the capacity to choose what is right and that no amount of money or political control can defeat the true power that comes from the people. What the Palaweños have demonstrated on March 13, 2021 is worth celebrating,” she added.