File photo from MDRRMO in Taytay, Palawan.

The oil spill has reached the Palawan mainland, with authorities reporting traces near Sitio Calumpang in Brgy. Calawag in Taytay.

According to the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (MDRRMO), the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO), and the Coast Guard Sub Station in Taytay, they have conducted monitoring in the area and provided improvised spill booms to locals.

On Sunday, March 12, personnel from the Marine Battalion Landing Team-3’s (MBLT-3) 3rd Marine Company conducted a coastal clean-up in the vicinity.

The Municipal Agriculturist of Taytay did not restrict the consumption of seafood despite the presence of an oil leak in the municipal seas.

On March 11, personnel of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), DENR CENRO, and the MDRRRMO in Taytay were able to collect half a drum of oily water and contaminated sand and seven sacks of oil-ridden debris (wood and dried leaves) from the shoreline of Purok 1, Barangay Casian, Taytay, Palawan.

The local authority in Dumaran has convened an emergency meeting as oil spill traces approach their town.

They are actively watching Sitio Talisay in Brgy. Magsaysay as it is near the Taytay border and is home to numerous seaweed farms.

Unlike Taytay, the municipal government warned residents against consuming fish and other marine food caught outside of its waters for their own safety.

They’ve also requested donations of materials like discarded garments, coconut husks, empty plastic bottles, and hair strands to be used in making improvised oil spill liners.