Now That I’m Interning I Am Learning More Than What School Has Taught Me About Life

I’m learning that my grades will never define me. Though I knew this before, it’s easy to get lost in the flattery of teachers and the results of the grading system.

Good grades are things that all students should be proud of and be celebrated for.  But take note: when older people say it’s a tougher world out there, and you’ll miss school when you get out, believe them. I didn’t at first and then life itself sucker-punched me in the face.

One of the many things I’m learning is that we can’t have breaks now whenever we want. We either get over the self-doubt and move forward or we break down and still move forward. The truth is everyone has bad days, and if you think you have it the worst, think back on those times your parents had to deal with you before and after their own working hours.  They probably still do now, don’t they?

I am not the wisest spender but working life is teaching me to cut down my food budget so I don’t end up walking out of the bookstore with P 500 to extend for one week. I can save P 100 for each week that I get a thousand, and then by the end of the month, I get to have a new book to stamp my name on.

Most interns forget this, but every supervisor is a human being. I’ve made screw-ups about which my supervisors have talked to me.  But when the conversations end, so do their judgments.

Usually, as students, we have to live through what we’re labeled as. In the working life, you’ll have more chances to start over since every single day is different. On the other hand, there are no recaps or removals.

I am slowly learning that constant effort is needed in order to be better than I am right now. The school has me competing with my classmates, but the reality is that I only have myself to contend with. When I do get a job someday, I’m sure I won’t be compared to my workmates but I am going to be told I should do better.

The working life is teaching me to be honest with myself, as much as my school performance is training me to think.

I can conquer the universe, but there are going to be a shit ton of things I won’t be able to do, and it’s better to be honest with these weaknesses rather than saying I can do anything and giving myself and everyone around me a hard time. It saves a lot of time and wasted efforts. Just like there are people who love math, there will be linguists. I didn’t even know until now that I am a spiritual person instead of a religious one.

The truth no one told me, is that not a single handout or lesson could have prepared me for this, not even my reverse-psychology thinking, (that I should think of the worst case scenario to avoid disappointing myself), because everything about working can only be learned by experience.  Becoming an adult is a continuous process, so long as we are still learning to be the better versions of ourselves until we are finally living lives we can be proud of.

Lastly, just because the working life isn’t everything I expected it to be, doesn’t mean I can’t have my fun. I used to feel like a terrible daughter when I was still out at 6:00 PM, but now 9:00 PM is still pretty early. I’m 20 years old and I have only stayed out all night in the city two times. I’m sure for some people my age, this isn’t a World Record, but spending these sleepless nights with a best friend or someone I fancy, these nights can get beautifully epic.for anybody who chooses to see a certain situation in good light.


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