The provincial office of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) said no unlawfully displayed campaign posters of candidates for the national and local elections in May 2022 have been reported to them so far.

COMELEC Palawan spokesperson Jomel Ordas said the application of Oplan Baklas to unlawfully posted campaign materials will be up to the election officer of each municipality.

Anyone can report any illegally displayed campaign posters to local election officers, said Ordas.

“Dito sa atin nasa authority na ng mga election officer pero sa ngayon ay wala pa naipaparating sa atin na nagsagawa ng Oplan Baklas. Pero kung halimbawa mayroong nakikita na mga illegal posters ang ating kababayan o sinuman ay puwede itong i-report sa office of the election officers para maaksyunan,” Ordas said.

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Oplan Baklas is based on COMELEC Resolution No. 10730 and RA 9006 or the Fair Elections Act, which allows candidates to post campaign materials in permitted public posting sites like plazas, markets, and barangay centers, he said.

If the materials are to be displayed on private property, the owner’s permission is required.

Illegally posted materials must be removed within three days of receiving a COMELEC notice, Ordas added.

Members of the PNP and other law enforcement agencies called upon by the election officer or other COMELEC officials may file the appropriate charges against the violators of the policy, the resolution stated.

For political and party-list candidates, the size of each common poster area must not exceed 12 by 16 feet, with a total area of 192 square feet, while independent candidates must use four by six feet, with a total area of 24 square feet.

The resolution further states that the sizes of individual posters that may be posted in each common poster area shall not exceed two by three feet, but with exemptions.

“In case of space limitations, posters of candidates of political parties may be reduced to a uniform size to accommodate all candidates. This regulation is also violated by making single letters of names having the maximum size or lesser and then putting them together to form a size exceeding two by three feet,” the COMELEC said.

Under Section 27 of COMELEC Resolution No. 10730, there should be a task force to tear down and remove unlawful election materials.

This body is composed of Comelec election officer, Philippine National Police, Department of Public Works in Highways, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and other agencies deputized by the commission.

In addition, election officers should post the list of common posting areas before the campaign period.

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