One week after the “Yellow Bee” Alouete chopper of the Philippine Adventist Medical Aviation Services (PAMAS) carrying five persons went missing in the waters of Balabac town, a search and rescue team conducted sonar imaging at the area where its pilot made last contact.

The sonar imaging team that offered its services to PAMAS for free arrived last Monday to assist in the search for the missing aircraft.

Wendy Harris of PAMAS however said the first day of sonar imaging produced no significant result.

Harris said the sonar imaging team searched a wide area around the possible crash site on Tuesday at a depth of 90-100 meters where the ocean floor was mostly sand or flat rock surface which she said was ideal for a sonar imaging search.

“Nothing of significance was found yet, but those involved are still examining and analyzing the data,” Harris said.

She however said rough weather condition made it difficult for the team to conduct the search but nevertheless, conducted the sonar imaging for 12 hours.

She added that the weather was also unfavorable today that the search team put their operation on hold.

“They will not be able to go out again today due to continued rough seas which are expected through the weekend however, the sonar team and navy remain on standby,” Harris said through a post in the official Facebook page of PAMAS.