City Senior Environmental Specialist Joylle Madriñan explains how to sort waste properly

The city government will strictly enforce the “No Segregation, No Collection” policy in all its 66 barangays starting August 24.

Mary Ann Joylle Madriñan, senior enviromental officer of the City Environmental Management Services Division (EMSD), told Palawan News recently that the policy is one of the measures they will implement to mitigate the situation of the sanitary landfill in Brgy. Sta. Lourdes.

“Hinihingi namin sa ating mga kababayan na sana mag-implement na sila ng segregation at source para ‘yong residual waste na lang ‘yong dadalhin natin sa sanitary landfill. Ito ay manggagaling sa mga bahay, institutions, opisina, simbahan, at iba pa,” she said.

She said the sanitary landfill has already reached its 10-year life span.

Madriñan said they will ask permission from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to extend its use, but residents of the city have to do their share in the effort to ease the situation regarding the waste problem.

Madriñan said the city produces around 180 tons of waste materials daily.

But through segregation “at source”, she said the garbage trucks will only collect residual wastes, while the biodegradable and recyclable materials will remain in the barangays.

This will lessen by around 70 percent the total volume of generated waste brought to the landfill in Sta. Lourdes, she said.

“Ang mga residual waste natin, ito ang mga latak na basura. Iyong mga hindi nabubulok o natutunaw na basura, di mare-recycle, at hindi rin naman nabibili sa junk shop,” she said.

Madriñan said she already ordered barangay chairmen of the city to prepare for the August 24 implementation.

They were already about this during a meeting on July 23, she said, adding one month is enough time for them to inform residents.

Madriñan said there are four categories of waste materials that must be segregated: special or hazardous, residual, recyclable, and biodegradable.

The barangay local government should provide an area for the special or hazardous waste comprised of batteries, toxic liquid, and other machines, she said.

Madriñan said penalties will be imposed on violators based on Article 11 of City Ordinance No. 396.

The ordinance imposes a P500 fine for those who will be caught throwing garbage outside the designated areas; P1,000 for waste combustion; P2,000 for collecting or allowing the collection of non-segregated wastes, and P2,500 for mixing of properly-segregated wastes.

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