The local revenue district office will not extend operating hours on the last day of filing and paying the 2022 annual income tax return (AITR).

The office expects the influx to be managed by designated filing centers and online facilities. The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has opened three filing centers in malls to manage the number of taxpayers coming to the main office, which will operate until 5 p.m.

The office has been open since the start of April to accommodate taxpayers, even on Saturdays and Sundays.

Aside from manual payment, the bureau will also receive 2022 AITR payments through the electronic audited financial statements (eAFS) until midnight.

“Until 5 pm lang (today). Pero yung pag-pay and file online via EFPS and other online modes, until 12 am ‘yon— dahil may mga online facility na rin, na-lessen na rin ‘yong influx since may esubmission naman (eAFS),” the bureau stated.

The bureau also opened operations on Sunday to manage the influx during the deadline on Monday.

The local revenue district office previously stated that it is positive it will hit the estimated P4.2 billion target this year after missing the 2022 goal by 6.18 percent due to typhoon Odette.

The primary contributors to the 2021 collection were construction, government contributions, and money transfer operations. Nonetheless, they were significantly impacted by Odette, which was seen in the income tax collection made in 2022.

Revenue district officer Jun Lana said that the bureau also anticipates considerable collections from the tourism industry as it eventually recovers.