An employee of Kalayaan prepares to sail on board the ML Kalayaan rescue boat. (Photo courtesy of MP Albayda/Dr. Celia Lamkin/NYMWPS FB accounts)

The new rescue boat ML Kalayaan of the Kalayaan municipal government has sailed to the West Philippine Sea (WPS) with another motor launcher loaded with employees and residents from Puerto Princesa City.

Dr. Celia Lamkin, global chair and founder of the National Youth Movement for the West Philippine Sea (NYMWPS), said in a post on Facebook on May 1 that over 100 employees and residents of Kalayaan have joined the travel to the disputed region.

“The M/L Kalayaan, a fiberglass rescue vessel and a motor launcher, will be sailing to Pag-asa Island, Kalayaan Islands Group (Spratlys), Palawan in the West Philippine Sea with our brave and heroic staff of Kalayaan Municipality and more than 100 residents of Pagasa Island on board!” said her post, which can also be found in the page of the NYMWPS.

Kalayaan resident and employee MP Albayda (left photo) takes a selfie aboard the ML Kalayaan on May 1 before sailing to the West Philippine Sea. Behind him is another motor launch filled with residents and employees who will travel to Pag-asa Island to participate in the May 13 polls. The rescue boat’s hull flies the Philippine flag. (Photo courtesy of MP Albayda/Dr. Celia Lamkin/NYMWPS FB accounts)

Meanwhile, MP Albayda, who works in Kalayaan, said in a video post also on Facebook in the NYMWPS page that their expected time of arrival in the island municipality is Friday morning.

“We are currently aboard the ML Kalayaan bound to Pag-asa Island. We are on the ML Kalayaan, the rescue vessel.

“Together with us is another motor launcher… (inaudible) and expected time of arrival in Pag-asa will be Friday morning,” he said in a separate video post.

At the Kalayaan office in Puerto Princesa City, a municipal government employee who declined to be named because he is not authorized to speak about the matter said the rescue boat which left on May 1 was reportedly from the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG).

The employee said the people who joined the rescue boat and a motor launch to the WPS will remain on Pag-asa Island until the May 13 midterm polls and for a festival celebration.

They will all be back on May 20, said the employee.

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