New private hospital to open soon in Puerto Princesa

Allied Care Experts Medical Group-Palawan, a Filipino-owned hospital company, broke ground on Friday, May 5, for its soon-to-open hospital facility in Puerto Princesa. The 20,000-square meter, 10-storey with 200-bed capacity building will soon rise along National Highway in Barangay Tiniguiban, beside Azzaraga Construction Supply.

This hospital is the 20th project of the ACE medical company, which also has ongoing construction projects in Visayas and Mindanao.

According to Dr. Editha Miguel, Palawan ACE Medical President, the modern facility is one of the answers to the problem of overcrowding among existing hospitals in the province.

“This is an answer to the problem. If you are Palaweño, you know the overcrowding of the hospitals, and this hospital will provide a much-needed specialized care for all patient. .and I assure you [of] hotel-like ambiance and services,” Miguel said.

Aside from the hospital, Miguel said they will also construct a helipad that can be used for the services of an air ambulance. Such air transport service will not only be available for moving patients to Manila, but even within the province.

The local government of Palawan and the city government of Puerto Princesa have thanked the investors for the proposed project. Vice Governor Dennis Socrates considers it another development milestone for the province.

“All these things can invite more investors and will provide many jobs for Palaweños. Not everyone can be a successful entrepreneur, but everyone can be employed [for] some jobs and can transform Palawan to [another] Singapore,” Socrates said.

Based on interviews, the construction may take 24 months, barring any problems, and the center is inviting investors who are interested in collaborating with them.

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