There’s going to be a lot of great Korean content on Netflix this month of December. Its year-end lineup has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for action, fantasy, or love.

On December 9, keep an eye out for Money Heist: Korea-Joint Economic Area Part 2. The heist continues in Part 2, and the team begins making plans for how they will get out of the mint. Their grand heist has the potential to net them trillions of won, but they face multiple obstacles along the way. It is going to be exciting to see what the Professor has up his sleeve, and we are going to get to meet some new members of the team, such as Seoul.

Money Heist: Korea-Joint Economic Area Part 2 showing on December 9.

Alchemy of Souls, which premieres on December 10, tells the story of a powerful sorceress who is trapped in the body of a blind woman and collaborates with a helpless man from a wealthy family.

The television series won the fans’ affection with its combination of drama, comedy, and passionate feelings, but its abrupt conclusion has left them wanting more. The aftermath will finally be revealed, and they’ll find out how each character is doing after the events of the previous episode.

Jang Uk, played by Lee Jae-wook, resurfaces as a vengeful figure, and Naksu is seen once again in her original body (Go Youn-jung).

Alchemy of Souls on December 10.

The second season of Single’s Inferno will premiere on December 13. This sizzling look at men and women stranded on a deserted island captivated viewers from all over the world in the first season.

The young and attractive singles need to successfully pair up as couples in order to leave the island and enjoy a lavish paradise. The second season will be even hotter and sexier than the first. This show is going to be your guilty pleasure. It has drama and delightful scenes that will keep you entertained. Mark your calendars and get ready to watch something fun every week.

If you want a modern romance, you don’t have to look any further. In the book “The Interest of Love,” showing on December 21, four very different men and women meet at a bank and learn what love is all about.

One man thinks that stability is the key to happiness, while the other tries to be good enough for the person he loves. When it comes to the women, one goes after anyone she wants, while the other sees love as something that can change at any time. This relatable series about a romance at work will definitely pull you in.

The Fabulous is a show about four friends who are building their careers and going after their dreams in the world of fashion. This group of friends, which includes a PR manager, a freelance photo retoucher, a model, and a designer, faces many hard problems in different parts of their lives.

They encourage each other and help each other out when hard times come. The Fabulous is a must-see because it has great fashion, drama in the business world, and strong friendships. It’s showing on Netflix on December 23.

Who doesn’t like a good story about getting even? In the movie The Glory, Song Hye-kyo plays a teacher who wants to get back at the bullies who ruined her childhood. She plans carefully how to get back at the people who watched her suffer.

Plans start to come together when she gets to teach the child of one of her bullies in her homeroom. His secret makes Lee Do Hyun’s character even more interesting. The Glory is one of the most-anticipated shows of the year. It has an all-star cast and a story written by the best writer in South Korea, Kim Eun-sook.

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