Troops from the Philippine Marines uncover more caches of anti-personnel mines and other war materials in Palawan. (Photo courtesy of 3MBde)

Government troops have retrieved more anti-personnel mines and explosive ordnances in the outskirts of Puerto Princesa City and Roxas municipality believed to be part of the local New People’s Army (NPA) munitions inventory in northern Palawan.

The 3rd Marine Brigade (3MBde) said the arms caches were found in a remote area of Barangay Tinitian in Roxas municipality and in Sitio Tinistisan, Brgy. Langogan on January 19 and 22, respectively.

Recovered were five improvised hand grenades, an improvised claymore mine, improvised anti-personnel mine, anti-personnel mine switch, rifle grenade, round cartridge, 40mm HE, 413 rounds-Ctg, 5.56 mm ball, 193 rounds-cartridge, 7.62 mm ball, 68 rounds-cartridge, a Cal 45 ball, 17 M16 short magazines, M16 long magazine, an improvised M16 long magazine, an M14 long magazine, bandolier, a Cal 45 holster, and a CNT Mao Caps on January 19.

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Magazines and ammunition were recently recovered from Palawan by the Marines. (Photo courtesy of 3MBde)

On January 22, they recovered three improvised hand grenades, 179 rounds-ctg, 5.56 mm ball, 40 mm HE, a rifle grenade, an improvised claymore mine, nine M16 short magazines, six blasting caps, a radio antenna, a roll wire, chest rig, a magazine pouch, two battery clips, and a dummy load.

Brigadier General Jimmy Larida, commander of the 3MBde, said the information about their locations and other details came from former rebels and sympathizers.

“These informants realized that they were victimized by the lies and deceptions of the Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) that has ruined their lives and families. That’s why they are very eager to pinpoint the location of hidden war materials and revealing vital information about the CTG and other personalities supporting the Communist NPA terrorist,” he added.

Previously, AFP chief of staff General Andres Centino ordered Larida to capture Sonny Rogelio, alias Ka Miggy, the last known NPA leader in Palawan, in five months.

“For the one person remaining, I think five months is enough,” Centino said.

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