A netizen named Shie Shie expressed her gratitude on Facebook after some locals helped her retrieve her lost camera during her visit to Puerto Princesa.

“Palaweños are truly honest people,” she posted.

In her post, Shie Shie recalled how she was able to find her Insta360 X3 camera at the police counter of the Puerto Princesa International Airport with the help of some taxi drivers and security guards assigned in the area.

According to her, she was already at her accommodation when she realized that she had lost her camera. A taxi driver named “Dong” who brought her to her accommodation drove her back to the airport where the taxi driver sought the help of her fellow taxi drivers in the area.

A security guard named “Rene” approached them and led them to the police counter where the camera was turned over by a woman named “Grace”.

After some questioning about the details of the camera, the police returned the camera to her.

“Please share this post. I told Kuya Rene and Ate Grace and all who helped me that I will post this and they will see it. And also to share with everyone how honest, helpful, and kind the Palaweños [were]. I know for some people this may seem like a small thing, but for me, it’s a big thing,” she said.

“Let’s help them by boosting tourism, visiting, and spending time in Puerto Princesa. I think the local people in Puerto Princesa deserve this!” she stressed.