(Watch the official trailer)

The Silent Sea’s main trailer has been released by Netflix. The film follows an elite team on a special mission to an abandoned research station on the moon in the near future, when resource depletion has decimated the Earth.

The trailer of the South Korean sci-fi mystery thriller begins with an image of a desolate Earth. All life on Earth is threatened due to resource depletion.

Korea’s Space and Aeronautics Administration discovers the key to humanity’s survival and plans another moon exploration mission led by an elite team that includes astrobiologist Song Jian (Bae Doona), team leader Han Yunjae (Gong Yoo), head engineer Ryu Taesuk (Lee Joon), team doctor Doc Hong (Kim Sun-young), head of security Gong Soohyuk (Lee Mu-saeng), and spacecraft pilot Kim Hees (Lee Sung-wook).

Their goal is the Balhae Lunar Research Station, which was shut down due to an accident five years ago. They embark on the critical mission to “collect a vital sample from the station and return to earth,” but confront an enormous obstacle when their spaceship crashes land on the moon.

They barely reach Balhae Lunar Research Station, which is veiled in mystery. Dead bodies with unknown causes of death and an unidentified signal of life lurks the team into chaos, while Song Jian starts to doubt the veracity of the government’s statement that the station was permanently closed down due to an accident. She has suspicions about the secrets hidden throughout Balhae Lunar Research Station.

Tense life-and-death situations confront the elite team at the place they look for means of survival. They intuitively feel that unusual events will happen at the station, as one member chokes up blood-like water.

Their attempts at escaping the station and communication with the outside fails, and they are stranded on the station that resembles a secret trap room.

The headline “A Deadly mission will uncover the darkest secrets of the Moon” piques viewers’ curiosity on what secrets the unknown and silent sea holds, and whether the members tasked with the mission can safely return home. The main trailer calls attention to not only the secrets of Balhae Lunar Research Station, but also the realistic visualization of space and the moon. As the first Korean science fiction mystery thriller series, The Silent Sea perfectly recreates the vastness and stillness of the moon. Crash landing on the moon, the abandoned Balhae Lunar Research Station, the dust winds on the lunar surface and other refreshing scenes are sure to captivate viewers.

The Silent Sea, which stimulates viewers’ curiosity as unimaginable mysteries present themselves, will be released on December 24, only on Netflix.