Thu. Oct 17th, 2019

Narra town intensifies ‘garbage in, garbage out’ policy

"Bring your garbage as you go" is the context of Narra town's policy on garbage management.

The Municipal Government of Narra has intensified its campaign on garbage reduction by strictly implementing its ‘garbage in, garbage out’ policy under Municipal Ordinance number 307-2008, a local law which sets guidelines for the implementation of Integrated Solid Waste Management Program.


The ordinance directs all visitors and residents to carry their garbage with them when they leave tourist destinations. Posters have been installed at prime tourist destinations, such as the Estrella Falls, for informing the public.


Municipal Tourism Officer Sherwin Corpuz explained that the ordinance rose from their observation of unregulated and improper garbage disposal in the town, particularly in some resorts. During the last Holy Week celebrations, they noticed that visitors kept throwing garbage indiscriminately, including in the premises of Estrella Falls, a prime tourist destination of Narra.


The group called ‘Task Force Disiplina’, together with Narra Police and Barangay Peace and Order officers, were tasked to strictly implement the policy. This has resulted to the apprehension of several individuals and the imposition of fines of P500 (first time offender), P1,500 (second time offender), and P2,500 (third time offender).


Fines shall be imposed to parents or guardians of violators below 18 years old.


Failure to pay the fine will require the parent or guardian to render community service.


The local government of Narra appeals to residents and tourists to observe proper garbage disposal.

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