Are you a travel enthusiast who loves exploring the stunning islands of the Philippines? Do you find yourself boasting about your extensive travels in this tropical paradise?

With the latest web app taking the travel community by storm—My Philippines Travel Level—you can now put your travel skills to the test.

Denz del Villar, a Singapore-based Filipino software engineer, has created a buzz in the online travel community with his innovative web app inspired by the popular Japan version JapanEx. My Philippines Travel Level is a simple yet brilliant web app built using ReactJS that enables users to visualize and track their travel experiences in the Philippines with just a few clicks.

“This is my first time dabbling with ReactJS, and I’m thrilled with the result,” Denz shared.

The web app features a map of the Philippines divided into its 83 provinces. Users can select each province and choose from various travel levels, such as “Lived there,” “Stayed there,” “Visited there,” “Alighted there,” “Passed there,” or “Never been there” to accurately record their travel experiences.

Denz revealed that he used ChatGPT extensively to assist him with the project. This impressive web app is gaining popularity among travel enthusiasts in the Philippines and around the world. So why not test your travel knowledge and see how well you know the beautiful islands of the country with My Philippines Travel Level?