Give it to the lady and her team for coming up with a show as a way to assist the citizenry in discerning our nation’s leadership. If you have watched the entire show and would just weigh it in as boring, then you must be lying to your teeth. When it was worth your precious time (3 hours, at that) plus you have dedicated ample time to compose a supposedly intelligent commentary about it then it definitely caught your attention and your wonderment. It certainly was not boring, much less a waste of your time. And if you have not watched it at all while making a judgment of it anyway, such a case is even worse as it is quite unreasonable. After all, Jessica Soho is Jessica Soho. She must be an envy in her league with a Peabody Award, to name just one of the numerous she has, to speak of.

While nobody could really be perfect and would not even be given a perfect score that is but give it to Ping Lacson nonetheless. He stood out in the show with his answers and the way he delivered them. He was crisp, no-nonsense and a straight talker. Credit goes that tucked under his belt are his experience and expertise as a law enforcer then and as a lawmaker now. His grasp of the nitty-gritty of things in his life, both in private and before the public eye, was captivating to be listened to. Ping had already been into this kind of interview as he already had his first shot of the presidency in 2004. And well, as a septuagenarian now, Ping is walang kupas.

Conspicuously though, somebody was invited to be present but was absent while another was just too willing but was not asked to be present at all.

Ka Leody should be the one to cry foul to the Jessica Soho Team. By being sidelined, this presidential candidate has all the right and reasons to brand them (the team) as prejudiced. Why was he not invited? Jessica Soho should now be wont to air an explanation or two. Personally, I would be amused to witness how this non-politician would fare amongst better-known conventional ones. For all we know, he could just be the light at the end of the tunnel that we have been longing for in a brand new kind of politics in the country. By all means, give the man a chance, albeit if only to be seen and to be listened to.

As for Bongbong Marcos, provided that Jessica Soho might indeed be “biased”, the fact that it was not a one-on-one interview or a duel between two opponents would somehow ease any discomfort on his part. Its format was in a panel and a sort of free-for-all discussion. Further, even if the interviewer would be hostile, it could also be a chance to conquer her, to prove her perceptions wrong, and eventually win her over to my cause and side. Like Ka Leody, Bongbong, with his eloquence and grip of many things, could have also fared well in the forum. Too, with his charisma, BBM would likewise capture many imaginations in favor of his vision of the new “Bagong Lipunan”.

In a hindsight, I was able to follow the interviews/debates when Barrack Obama was a presidential candidate in the two elections which he both handily won- first against John McCain and later on with Mitt Romney. McCain asked to halt the debate over some pressing national concerns. But the entire nation did not submit to it and had then viewed McCain as either unprepared or just politicking. Then with Romney, on their first encounter, Obama was not as spanking as he naturally was. Pundits gave the first debate to Romney. But on a second bout, Obama was at his flashy confident self and he swept it all away to become a second-termer President.

True, an interview is not the be-all and end-all of landing a coveted job. But the interview is an interview; it does make or it can break. That said, I am all the more interested in upcoming interviews since there is quite a calendar yet before the day of reckoning. May all candidates be invited. May all of them come together. And may it be free of biases, devoid of excuses and full of inspired messages along with hopeful audacities.