The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) has vowed to reassess the film “Plane” in light of senators’ concerns over some lines that purportedly show the Philippines in a terrible light.

Diorella Sotto-Antonio, chair of the MTRCB, declared in a statement on Thursday that the board will take “all necessary actions” if it is determined that the movie harms the nation’s reputation.

“We acknowledge the sentiments expressed by our honorable Senators concerning the film Plane. Although the film is fictional, we still would not want our country to be portrayed in a negative and inaccurate light,” the statement read.

“We will reevaluate the film in view of their concerns and will take all necessary measures if found to be in any way injurious to the prestige of the Philippines or its people,” it also said.

Senator Robinhood Padilla earlier expressed dismay over the plot of the movie.

“Napakasakit po… Nakikiusap po tayo sa ating MTRCB na sana po sa mga ganitong ganap kumakatok tayo sa opisina nila, ‘di po dapat ito pinapalabas sa Pilipinas. Dito po dapat sa ating bansa pinagbabawal ito at kino-condemn po natin ito,” the senator said. 

The film featuring Gerard Butler as commercial pilot Brodie Torrance relates the story of aircraft passengers who crash-landed on the war-torn Philippine island of Jolo and were taken captive by radicals.

Padilla, a former action star who is now a senator, is particularly irritated by the film’s portrayal of the country’s authorities as terrified of the rebels.

Sen. Bato del Rosa supports Padilla’s appeal, noting that he was outraged by the film’s portrayal of Davao as a place where extremists randomly chop off people’s heads.

“According to Gerard Butler, they crash landed somewhere in Davao in Southern Philippines before they were able to determine their exact location, which was Jolo. It really painted a bad image of our country. You won’t find a place in Davao where you would find rebels who just chop heads off without apparent reason, beheading foreigners,” he said.