An unsuspecting motorcycle rider narrowly escaped a potentially life-threatening encounter with a group of suspected robbers on Sunday night on the stretch of Sta. Lucia to Luzviminda in Puerto Princesa City.

In a now viral post, Lennart Diaz Caseria shared his harrowing experience on social media on Sunday, May 21, urging the public to be aware and vigilant when passing through the national highway from Barangay Sta. Lucia to Brgy. Luzviminda.

The incident took place around 10 p.m. when he was returning home to Aborlan from Puerto Princesa. As Lennart made his way along the road, he noticed a red XRM motorcycle lying on the ground. Concerned for the well-being of the rider, the victim approached the scene. Suddenly, a white Honda Click nearby sprang into action and moved closer to them.

Fortunately, he said he instinctively stayed on his motorcycle, which may have saved him from potential harm.

Two men, both wearing helmets to conceal their identities, quickly lifted the fallen XRM motorcycle, Lennart said. It became apparent that they were working together with the individuals on the Honda Click.

The victim found himself in a perilous situation, facing off against four teenage culprits, all sporting bonnets and helmets.

“Buti di po ako umalis agad sa motor ko. Itinayo ng dalawang lalaki na naka-bonnet yung XRM tapos naghabulan na po kami dahil magkasabwat sila nung naka Honda Click. Apat po na binatilyo, mga naka-bonnet,” he shared.

“Naabutan nila ako sa bandang bilihan ng mga dugos at unan, binato ako ng isang lalaki pero tumama lang sa bag ko. Tinangka ng nasa Honda Click na sipain ang motor ko pero humarurot na ako ng patakbo. Iba ang takot at kaba na naramdaman ko, sobrang dilim pa ng daanan,” dagdag kuwento ni Lennart.

Expressing his sentiments on social media, Lennart sent a message to the perpetrators, urging them to find honest means of providing for their families.

He highlighted the grave risks they were exposing themselves to, as well as endangering the lives of innocent individuals. The victim’s post also pleaded for swift action to be taken by authorities to address the alarming incident.

Lennart said the traumatic encounter has left him deeply shaken, and hopes that his plea for attention will prompt authorities to investigate the matter promptly.