Photo from Palawan Police Provincial Office
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A drunk fisherman from Culion town was accidentally shot and killed by his own mother while the two were grappling for a homemade shotgun last July 8.

An initial report by the Quezon Municipal Police Station (MPS) stated that the victim, Sandrei Diaz Budol, came home drunk at their house in Sitio Asinan, Barangay Osmeña, and had a scuffle with his 70-year old mother following a heated argument.

The report said that when Budol got home, he was very drunk and yelling at his mother to give him his homemade shotgun.

When his scared mother came out of hiding to bring him the shotgun, he reportedly grabbed it. While the two were struggling, the gun went off, killing the victim.

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The Culion MPS has taken custody of the mother for further investigation.

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