BRAINS OVER BODY. A man checks out flowers for a loved one, at the Manila Flower Center in Sampaloc, Manila on Valentine's Day, Friday (Feb. 14, 2020). A recent Social Weather Stations survey showed that more Filipinos are attracted to intelligence than physical features. (PNA photo by Joey Razon)

The majority of Filipinos are more attracted to a person’s intelligence than physical features, the latest poll released by Social Weather Stations (SWS) showed.

The survey, conducted from December 13 to 16, bared that 81 percent of adult Filipinos prefer brains over the body, while only 19 percent think otherwise.

Some 83 percent of women are more attracted to a person’s brains than the body, slightly higher than the 78 percent among men.

The proportion of those who prefer brains over the body was highest among women with live-in partners (89 percent), followed by single women (82 percent), and married women (81 percent).

“It hardly varies among men by civil status, ranging from 77 percent to 79 percent,” the SWS noted.

About 54 percent of adult Filipinos said their love life is “very happy“, 32 percent believed it “could be happier”, and the remaining 14 percent disclosed that they “do not have a love life”.

The SWS poll found that 60 percent of men are “very happy” with their love life, higher than the 49 percent among women.
“Married men and married women also have a happier love life compared to their single and with live-in partner counterparts,” the survey said.

The proportion of those with a very happy love life was highest among married men (72 percent), followed by men with a live-in partner (64 percent), and single men (26 percent).

Among women, the proportion of those with a very happy love life was also highest among respondents who are married (58 percent), followed by those with live-in partners (51 percent), and those who are single (26 percent).

Meanwhile, the proportion of those who said their love life could be happier was highest among men and women with live-in partners (36 percent and 48 percent, respectively).

Those who said they have no love life were mostly single men (57 percent), and single women at (50 percent).

Respondents were also asked to pick one among money, health, and love.

A total of 70 percent chose health, while 23 percent and 7 percent wanted to love and money, respectively, the poll said.

Some 72 percent of women preferred health over love and money, higher than the 67 percent among men.

About 76 percent of married women chose health, followed by those with live-in partners (72 percent), and those who are single (65 percent).

On the other hand, 79 percent of men with live-in partners, 70 percent of single men, and 63 percent of married men also picked health.

Those who preferred love were married men (30 percent) and women with live-in partners (23 percent).

Those who wanted money were single men (8 percent) and single women (14 percent).

About 1,200 adult respondents were interviewed by SWS.


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