The community service event, “MISSIÓN from the Heart,” concluded its two-day run on June 6, 2024, bringing much-needed healthcare and services to 552 residents of Rizal, Palawan.

Organized by Lionheart Farms in partnership with the Camp Ricarte Station Hospital, Camp Ricarte Dental Dispensary, 18th Special Forces Company – Riverine, 408th Community Defense Center 4RCDC, and Gabay Kalinga Foundation, the mission aimed to bridge the gap in healthcare access for residents, particularly those in the indigenous communities.

A Commitment to Well-being
The event lived up to its theme, “Serbisyong may Puso at Kalinga para sa Malusog na Pamayanan” (Service with Heart and Care for a Healthy Community). Residents received a variety of essential services, including:

  • Free Medical Check-Ups: Qualified medical professionals conducted check-ups to assess potential health concerns and offer necessary advice.
  • Free Dental Services: Partner dentists provided free tooth extraction for the beneficiaries.
  • Free Medicines: Essential medications were distributed to those in need, based on the conducted check-ups.
  • Free Circumcision (Tuli): Trained professionals provided safe and free circumcision services for boys.
  • Free Haircut (Gupit): Refreshing looks were offered to residents of all ages.
  • Free Legal Advice: Basic legal consultations and guidance were provided by the lawyer of Lionheart Farms.
  • Fun Activities for Kids: Children were engaged in entertaining activities while their families received services.

“The positive impact of “MISSIÓN from the Heart” is evident in the smiles we saw and the sense of community fostered. We are committed to exploring ways to continue supporting the well-being of residents in Rizal, Palawan”, said Maria Cecilia Chang Moeller, vice president of Lionheart Farms and focal person of the mission.

“We encourage other organizations to join us in similar initiatives to create a healthier and more empowered future for our communities.”