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The families of missing helicopter pilot Daniel Lui and nurse Janelle Alder, who disappeared during a volunteer medical evacuation mission in the Philippines, remain determined to find them and has announced a reward for any information leading to their whereabouts.

“We are asking for help from the community to push this message out as far and wide as possible,” the Lui Family said in a statement.

Lui and Alder were involved in a mission to transfer a patient and two other passengers from the Mangsee Islands in Balabac to Brooke’s Point when their helicopter, nicknamed “The Yellow Bee,” lost contact and went missing.

Despite exhaustive search efforts by the Philippine Navy and Coast Guard, the Malaysian Military, the United States Air Force, and Philippine Adventist Mission Aviation Services (PAMAS) Search and Rescue teams, no conclusive evidence of a crash or their location has been found. This has prompted the Lui family to work alongside an investigative team to conduct a thorough inquiry into the disappearance.

The family is offering a significant reward for any new and verified information that may help locate Daniel Lui and Janelle Alder. They are appealing to the community to spread awareness of their missing family members and provide any relevant details.

“If anyone has any information, please reach out to us at We are offering a reward for any new and validated information which helps us locate them,” the family said.

“Please help us find them and bring them home safely,” they appealed.

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