Mining scholars get capacity training

Mining scholars undergo capacity building training to equip students with other skills.

Some 72 scholars being supported by RTNMC and CBNC completed a capacity building activity on September 2 and 3 at the RTNMC townsite in Barangay Rio Tuba, Bataraza. The seminar was part of the mining companies’ centerpiece community development program aimed at empowering their host communities.

This undertaking was made to boost the scholars’ talents and to encourage them to pursue their interest on societal issues currently affecting them.

Venice Guian, SDMP supervisor, said that the capacity building is one of the ways to expose aspiring individuals on public issue awareness to get them able of translate timely issues and stories into simple messages that they express to others.

“This undertaking was the intitiative of RTNMC and CBNC and its main goal was to be able to expose and empower our scholars by exposing them on current issues like the drugs war, teenage pregnancy, mining and others by using facebook and other social media platforms,” said Venice Teresa Guian, RTNMC community relations SDMP supervisor.

The 2-day activity was completed by conducting 4 simultaneous workshops such as newswriting (Palawan News being the resource lecturer), radio programming/broadcasting, photography and powerpoint presentation making.

Reynaldo ‘Bong’ Dela Rosa, RTNMC community relations manager said that these workshops were designed to encourage the scholars to express themselves in most effective manners.

“We are very much happy to be with these young professionals called as ‘millenials’ and to be able to share our experiences and learnings to ‘keep the pen writing’ in the coming generations,” said Dela Rosa

The activity also tapped Leonides S. Virata Memorial School (LSVMS) teacher, Christian Miran, who is experienced in radio programming/broadcasting to complete and facilitate selected workshop.

The scholars attended the workshop are a mixed of high schools, senior high schools and college students from across the municipality of Bataraza.

Erick Ubugan, a senior high school student, expressed his achievement of being chosen as one of the fortunate participants.

“Ang maging iskolar ng RTNMC at CBNC ay isang napakalaking prebilihiyo para sa katulad kong nangangarap. At ang mapili pa sa ganitong kagandang activity ay isang mas malaki pang prebilihiyo para sa akin. Dahil dito, mas marami pa akong natutunan at nadidiskubre na siguradong makakatulong sa aking pag aaral,” said Eric.

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