Mining firm reviewed for best practice award

Team from MGB validates best practices of RTNMC for the prestigious Presidential Mineral Industry Environment Award.

The team of the Presidential Mineral Industry Environmental Award (PMIEA) began last October 3 its inspection of the Rio Tuba Nickel Mining Corporation operating in Bataraza, Palawan as part of a validation process for an award for best practices.

The award giving body called Philippine Mine Safety and Environment Association (PMSEA) has shortlisted RTNMC in the recognition award aimed “to recognize the exemplary efforts of the mining groups and companies in the country in achieving environmentally and socially responsible mining operations.”

The PMIEA recognition happens every year and is open for all mineral exploration-related companies operating in the country for a period of at least one year.

The 3-day validation, both field validation and documentary reviews, was conducted by diverse personnel coming from offices of DENR and MGB, scrutinizing the company’s operations and ‘best practices’ in all aspects covering “sustainable development practices, including health and safety, environmental management, community development or Social Development & Management Program, and stakeholder communication and engagement.”

According to Engr. Robert Glicer Domingo, MGB 4 central office, aside from PMIEA validations, they are also doing selections for some categories.

“We’re here for PMIEA, safest mines and best mining forest program validations,” said Domingo

Among those that were present during the validation were Roberto Aguda of DENR, Robert Glicer Domingo, Ivy Kimberly Batecan, Celeste Aquino, Al Janry Tuazon, Menandro Santos and Calvin Perez all from MGB.

For the past years, RTNMC has been actively and consistently participating and also being previously shortlisted and awarded.

The recognition is being given during the Annual National Mine Safety and Environment Conference (ANMSEC) which traditionally happen yearly in Baguio City.

PMIEA was created under Executive Order No. 933 in February 3, 1997 during the time of former President Fidel V. Ramos.

The selection committee shall be co-chaired by the Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources and the President, Philippine Chamber of Mines, with the Secretaries of Trade and Industry; Science and Technology; Interiors and Local Government; and of Health; and the Heads of the Philippine Mine Safety and Environment Association (PMSEA), and of the Organization of Foreign Exploration and Mining Companies in the Philippines, as members according to Executive Order No. 399.

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