“Mini Review: IV of Spades”

Recently, OPM bands and artists have not been appreciated as enthusiastically as before, because of a new generation of music lovers who tended to like western music or K-pop.

Well well, I’ve got good news!

Meet IV of Spades! This band is the hottest topic in the nation right now, and the music they make is impeccable. I could probably call them the heroes of OPM!


About the band

“IV of Spades” is a phenomenal and funky Filipino boy band whose members have been influenced by disco, classic rock, and hip-hop. They were formed in 2014 under Warner Music Philippines and founded by Allan “Daddy A” Silonga, father of one of the band members, who is also their manager.

Their known singles are “Hey Barbara”, “Ilaw Sa Daan”, “Mundo”, and “Where have you been, My Disco?”.

The band is composed of these four stylish boys:

Unique Salonga

Unique Torralba Salonga is the main vocalist and guitarist of the group. He was born on April 26, 2000, which makes him the youngest member of the band. He joined IV of Spades at the age of 14. He likes to post solo songs and videos on Social Media. This classy guy’s voice just melts your ears and brings impact to the band’s music! (Also he’s my crush in the group!)











Blaster Silonga

Blaster Mitchelle Medina Silonga is the lead guitarist and is also the son of the group’s manager. He was born on September 30, 1999. This boy is the one who drives the fangirl’s wild with his awesome guitar skills and good looks. He was actually on the “Eat Bulaga” segment Music Hero (specifically guitar hero), along with fellow band member Zild.











Zild Benitez

Daniel Zildijan Garon Benitez a.k.a. Zild is the band’s bassist and vocalist. He was born on April 23, 1997. This outstanding lad was also a part of Music Hero along with Blaster, and actually won! I tell you, he is a wonderful bassist and brings their music a great sound.









Badjao de Castro

Last but not the least, we have the group’s outstanding drummer and oldest member, Badjao! Christian Gabriel “Badjao” de Castro was born on July 11, 1994. Even my wig gets snatched with his awesome drumming skills; his beat is intense! He is also actually good at playing launchpads whenever they do live sessions on certain stations, since drums can be hard to carry around.











I don’t know if this is counted as an award, but they outshined and bested 20 other acts from South East Asia and made it to the Top 2 of Air Asia’s Dream Come True campaign! They have also been nominated for the 30th Awit Awards.

I  hope these boys get more awards and opportunities in the future! Their fanbase is getting wider and wider (counting me), and so also is spreading their influence in music. May their music not only spread nationally but also internationally, to prove that Pinoy talents are really “World Class”.




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