Philippine Marine Corps commandant Maj. Gen. Nestor Herico salutes an awardee from the Marine Battalion Landing Team-3 on Monday, April 11, 2022. (Photo from MBLT-3)

The Marine Battalion Landing Team-3 (MBLT-3) honored eight of its personnel recently for their contributions to their operations in Palawan against the New People’s Army (NPA).

Leading the awardees is 1st Lt. Karl Jens Helmuth, who received a Military Merit Medal for his role and services as a member of the battalion’s Quick Reactionary Force (QRF).

Enlisted personnel Sgt. Rollie Pardilla, Sgt. Jason Navio, Cpl. Dino Etorma, PFC John Albert Dela Cruz, PFC Marvin Saldo, Pvt. Elias Bellen, and Pvt. Glycelie Hope Tapurco received medals for their assistance in deterring the rebel organization from carrying out atrocious activities in the province.

PMC commandant Maj. Gen. Nestor Herico with MBLT-3 commander Maj. Ryan Lacuesta. (Photo courtesy of MBLT-3)

The awards ceremony took place on Monday at the MBLT-3 headquarters during a visit by Philippine Marine Corps (PMC) commandant Major General Nestor Herico.

During his visit, Herico also gave a Talk to Troops, underscoring the PMC’s essential role in providing war-fighting capabilities that develop with battle-space requirements. He said they are relevant and responsive to the military and security environment.

“Let’s continue to be smarter marines. And as we go along our path as a modern Philippine Marine Corps, it is something that we have to be proud of. It is something that we have to take pride and we have to live to the standard as a Marines,” Herico said.