Maristela resigns from majority block

Maristela says he will fully explain his decision next week. (File photo)

Councilor Peter Q. Maristela on Monday announced his departure from the majority block of the City Council, paving the way for his assumption as the lone minority in the administration-dominated chamber.

Maristela, an erstwhile member of the so-called “Kuridas” team of incumbent mayor Lucilo Bayron that swept the last local elections, said he will fully explain his decision next week.

“Next Monday na ako magpapaliwanag ng mabuti doon sa session,” he told Palawan News in a phone interview.

During Monday’s session, Maristela surprised his former party-mates by suggesting that Vice Mayor Luis Marcaida III, currently detained on drug charges, should appoint employees of the vice mayor’s office, a post held by acting vice mayor Nancy Socrates.

“Pwede pa ba mag-appoint si Marcaida?” he asked.

The chamber was deliberating on the inaction of the Department of Interior and Local Government’s (DILG) resolution seeking to clarify the appointing powers of acting vice mayor Nancy Socrates.

Councilor Roy Gregorio Ventura proposed to file a complaint against the DILG before the Office of the President.

“Bakit hindi natin isumbong na lang sa Office of the President,” he said.

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