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City councilor Peter “Jimbo” Maristela on Monday called for an inquiry into the alleged unlawful termination of some contractual government employees who reached the age of 60 and above.

He presented the matter during the privilege hour of the City Council, stating that certain contractual employees working for the Barangay Nutrition Scholars program, City Traffic Management Office (CTMO), and various other workers complained that they were terminated unfairly despite working for nearly 20 years in their respective departments.

“May mga enforcer, guard, at tsaka kahit yong mga honorarium, pati mga BNS, na nagrereklamo na pagdating nila ng 60 – 65, tinatanggal sila,” Maristela said in an interview on Tuesday.

“Although contractual sila, five months lang, pero ang nakakapagtaka noon, bakit tinatanggal na ‘pag naging senior na. Violation ‘yon ng Anti-Age Discrimination in Employment Act (RA No. 10911),” he added.

The City Council resolved to hold a committee meeting on the matter. Maristela said that he hopes concerned city government departments will be able to attend. He added as well that maybe some program managers and department heads are not aware that there is an anti-age discrimination law.

“Hopefully ma-invite sila, yong sa Human Resources, sa BNS, which is under ng City Health Office,” he said.

“Maging aware sana ang mga department head at mga program manager na mayroong batas [Anti-Age Discrimination]. Hindi naman sila hawak ng Civil Service [Commission], kasi contractual lang naman, volunteer. Baka rin kasi hindi aware ang ibang department head at program manager na mayroong ganoong batas,” Maristela added.

Under RA No. 10911, which was enacted in 2016, it is unlawful to deny a person employment because of their age, and forcefully lay off or impose early retirement on the same grounds. Employers, which encompass both public and private sectors, are also prohibited to publish job vacancies that suggest preferences, limitations, specifications, and discrimination based on age.