Marcaida completes medical check up

Marcaida is back at Puerto Princesa City Jail after being admitted in the hospital.

Vice- Mayor Luis Marcaida III was committed back to the Puerto Princesa City Jail on Sunday afternoon, November 12,  after four days of admission at the Adventist Hospital.

City Jail spokesperson Marlito Anza said Marcaida was checked by a physician due to his unstable blood pressure, loss of appetite and difficulty in breathing.

“Prior to that ang reason based sa ating nurses, alam naman natin na unstable ang blood pressure niya. Naninikip din ang dibdib, walang gana kumain, masakit daw ang kasu-kasuan niya, pati left ear niya sumasakit din daw,” Anza said.

Marcaida’s legal counsel had sought a court order for the medical check up whic was approved Wednesday.

Anza said Marcaida underwent various physical and medical tests and laboratory until Sunday afternoon, when he was discharged by his physician, Dr. Ruth Estiman.


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